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Casual Family Dining in Kanab | Nedra’s Too | Kanab Utah & Zion National Park

Casual Family Dining in Kanab | Nedra’s Too | An affordable East Zion restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner in Kanab

Affordable East Zion Restaurant & zion national park dining with breakfast, lunch, dinner in Kanab

Nedra’s Too offers casual family dining in Kanab, Utah with their delicious Mexican food. Nedra’s prides itself on its reputation as “the best Mexican food in town.” Nedra’s is owned and operated by a local family and opened in Fredonia, Arizona in 1957. This is when their own Mexican-style food acquired its reputation. That began a long family tradition of serving locals and travelers alike. Nedra’s Too is also one of the most affordable locations for Zion National Park dining.

For 40 years, Nedra’s has enjoyed its reputation for having the best Mexican food in the Kanab, Utah and Zion National Park area. Various movie crews and movie stars have visited Nedra’s Too. It has served stars such as James Garner, Vera Miles, Sidney Poitier, and Clint Eastwood.

pet friendly dining in Kanab | patio dining in Zion Utah

For casual family dining and pet friendly dining in Kanab, this east Zion restaurant is the optimal place. There is nowhere else that offers seating for large groups like they do. Not only do they offer exquisite scenery with patio dining near Zion Utah, but Nedra’s gladly offers pet friendly dining in Kanab. Don’t leave your pets outside while you wait. Let them join you during your meal like they would at home. Being located near some memorable and iconic southern Utah landmarks like Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park, it is important that any Zion National Park dining experience matches your group’s needs. Nedra’s has just what you need when traveling in groups, and are great at accommodating large groups. If you are traveling through east Zion, Zion National Park, southern Utah, or Kanab, stop by this friendly Mexican restaurant.  You will truly understand why this little cafe is the best place to go for casual family dining as well as pet friendly dining in Kanab.

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