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Zion Utah Guitar Shop | Music Works | St. George & Zion National Park

Zion Utah Guitar Shop | Music Works | St. George & Zion National Park Area

Music Works has tons of acoustic guitars and electric guitars. They’re the Southern Utah music store with all the guitar accessories you need. And this Zion Utah guitar store also has bass and electric guitar amps. They carry Fender guitars and many other quality brands. And they offer sound equipment. If you need strings, tuners, capo, or guitar picks, they have the right price for you.

Music Works carries Washburn guitars. And Washburn offers a huge line of versatile, quality guitars at an affordable price. Music Works keeps Washburn guitars stocked at their St. George store location. There, they can be demoed and purchase anytime. Moreover, the people at Music Works feel that their Washburn guitars can stand up to bigger name brands when it comes to material and sound. In addition, Music Works features a huge selection of high quality and affordable guitars. This includes their top selling brand of Teton Guitars. These guitars are made in the good ol’ US of A and have sold wood tops. So, if you have never played a Teton guitar, visit Music Works today and try one out for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

History of Music Works of St. George Utah | Southern Utah & Zion Utah Area Guitar Shop

This family owned shop has been around the Southern Utah music scene for 30 years. In addition to the great variety of guitar brands they offer, Music Works also offers guitar repair services. Moreover, Music Works competitively prices their products and services to help you save money. And, don’t forget they offer restringing services for only $21.95. And that includes strings!

Have some music needs while in Springdale, Utah or Zion Canyon? Music Works has you covered. They’re the music store that can get you what you want! And when you’re looking for a Southern Utah music store that can cover both your St. George music and Springdale, Utah music needs, Music Works friendly staff are there to help you.

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