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Zion National Park Angels landing trail / Zion Angels Landing hike: visit Angels Landing Zion National Park's most popular hike. The Angels Landing trail features epic views that rival any hike in the world; however, it can be dangerous and may not be suited for minors.

Zion National Park Angels Landing hike

Written by Krista Wiekamp

Trail name: Angels Landing Hike

Location: Zion National Park

Difficulty: Strenuous uphill hike and sheer exposure at the top

Zion National Park angels landing Zion Angels Landing hike angels landing zion angels landing hike angels landing trailLength: 5 miles round-trip

Family-friendly: Families do this hike all of the time; however, children need to be supervised towards the top where there is exposure to sheer drop-offs. Some choose to turn around at Scout Lookout, located just before the exposed portion of the hike but still offering magnificent views.

This hike does pose serious dangers. At least five people have fallen to their deaths. Boots or hiking shoes are important; slip-on shoes are out of the question. When you get to the chain, you will need to be able to have your hands free. If you feel like you could not do this portion without the chain, consider turning back, because this is where the trail becomes truly treacherous. Be patient and courteous of other hikers, and if you feel the slightest bit ill or dizzy, turn back immediately.

Dog-friendly: No, as all trails except the Pa’rus trail, and all wilderness areas  in Zion National Park are closed to pets. See more info on pet policy here.

Access to Zion national park Angels Landing trail

To the south entrance

From Interstate 15, take exit 16 if you’re driving from St. George or exit 20 if you’re coming from Cedar City. Drive to La Verkin, and turn onto State Route 9 toward Zion National Park, park in Springdale. During the season (currently March through November 11, 2017) you must take the park shuttle to the Grotto Picnic area.

To the east entrance

Follow U.S. Route 89 to Mount Carmel Junction. Take State Route 9 to the east park entrance. Drive through the park until you find parking on the shuttle route, or drive out of the southern entrance and park in Springdale. During the season (currently March through November 11, 2017) you must take the park shuttle to the Grotto Picnic area.

Zion National Park Angels Landing Zion: The trail

From the Grotto Picnic area, cross the road and walk toward the footbridge that crosses the Virgin River. Turn right onto the trail. The first part of the trail is a steep grade in the sun. Starting this hike early during hot summer months is a good idea.

After approximately a mile, you will reach Refrigerator Canyon, where you will receive a nice break from the sun. As its name suggests, it is nice and cool in the canyon. This part of the trail continues on a path that lies between Angels Landing and Cathedral Mountain.

Soon you will reach a stretch of the path known as “Walter’s Wiggles,” a set of 21 switchbacks named after a superintendent that helped engineer this section of the trail. The “Wiggles” allow you to traverse up the steep sandstone landscape and will lead you to Scout Lookout.

Zion Angels Landing hike | Scout Lookout

Scout Lookout offers marvelous views and a nice resting place. Some choose to turn around here to avoid hiking the exposed part of the trail. However, if you are continuing on, this is a good place to gather your group — especially children — and go over some rules for the last part of the trek: Stay on the trail, hold the chains when available, and no horseplay.

From the saddle at Scout Lookout, you will head southeast for about a half-mile up to Angels Landing. There is a 1200-foot drop on one side and an 800-foot drop on the other side of the sheer, sandstone ridge. Be careful and hold onto the chains provided for safety. Take your time and enjoy the views along the way. Soon you will reach one of the most majestic vistas in the world.

Zion National Park angels landing Zion Angels Landing hike angels landing zion angels landing hike angels landing trailFrom the top of the Zion Angels Landing Trail, you can see Observation Point, The Great White Throne, Cable Mountain, and the Virgin River as it winds its way through the canyon.

Head back the way you came to return.

If you leave late in the day during shuttle season, make sure that you make it back to the Grotto Picnic area before the last shuttle leaves for the evening. You can check the shuttle schedule here.

As always, pack a camera, plenty of water, and snacks. You can hike the Zion National Park Angels Landing trail any time of year, but be aware of weather conditions. Check NOAA.gov for current weather conditions and avoid hiking to the top when thunderstorms are likely.

Grotto Picnic Area, Zion National Park
84737 UT US
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Open year round, although Zion National Park does sometimes close the Angels Landing trail when weather makes it very dangerous.

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