Parking in Springdale: Zion Parking and the Free Springdale & Zion Shuttle System

Can you drive in Zion National Park? Addressing Zion parking lots and Zion parking fees.

Springdale Utah Parking: Driving Through Zion National Park, Zion Parking Lots & Zion Parking Fees

zion parking lots and zion parking fees

Can you drive in Zion National Park? Is there parking space available inside the park? When touring a new state park, these are realistic questions to ask before you plan your day. Driving through Zion National Park is an option, but what if you just want to drive into the park and explore? It’s important to find out if there are specified Zion parking lots or Zion parking fees.

springdale utah parking

There is ample Springdale Utah parking, as the town is four miles long. And much of the roadside is available for parking. It is highly recommended that you park on the south end of Springdale. This is near one of the first shuttle stops. The first is in front of the Majestic View Lodge and ride through town to the drop off at the park entrance. By doing so, you will avoid the bumper-to-bumper lines that often happen during peak days and times, and that can extend well into town. Paid Zion parking lots are offered on Lion Boulevard with a shuttle stop located less than half a block away. Other public and paid Zion parking lots are available and coming online ongoing. Watch for signs. A parking lot and parking structure are under construction just outside of the west entrance as of the fall of 2016.

Because there is limited parking inside Zion National Park, the Zion Canyon Visitor Center is the main area for available Zion National Park parking. These usually fill by mid-morning, which can make it difficult to find a parking space in Zion National Park during the day. If you are not just driving through Zion National Park, we highly advise you to choose Springdale Utah parking.

The average wait for a shuttle bus in Springdale is fifteen minutes or less. The wait is longer in the morning and evening but shorter during peak hours. Shuttles will also operate on weekends in November with additional service on Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after. The Shuttle Schedule is subject to change. Please check the link provided or a current issue of the print version of Zion Guide for up-to-date information.

Can you drive in Zion national park?

Can you drive in Zion National Park? Yes. Driving through Zion National Park is an option. Aside from Zion Parking fees, there are fees that individuals must pay to be able to gain access to the park. Pedestrians and bicycles can pay $15 for a seven-day pass. Motorcycles are currently $25 for a seven-day pass. Private vehicles and RV’s are $30 per vehicle for a seven-day pass.

Zion Parking Lots & Zion Parking Fees

Most buses, RVs, and larger trucks and trailers will require an escort from Park Services to travel through the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. A $15 fee per vehicle in addition to the entrance fee is required in this case. Youth under 15 are free.

Zion parking lots do exist inside Zion National Park but have very limited spaces and are not available from March to November. The shuttle schedules stops at many popular hiking locations inside of the park and returns for pick-up. Tourists should take the free shuttle to preferred destinations and explore the beautiful scenery inside Zion National Park on foot from those points.

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